Reduce anxiety, reduce financial risks, whilst achieving a Transformed Cyber Environment
Reduce Anxiety
  • Ease clients’ compliance requirements by creating simplicity of cyber law to achieve compliance .
  • Assist clients to incorporate effective contract management into their sourcing strategy effective tool to achieve reduction of cyber security riskst.

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Reduced Financial Risks
  • Assist clients to reduce efforts and costs of procurement and realise benefits sourcing strategy
  • Assist clients to understand effective contract management as part of the sourcing tool to reduce cyber security & financial risks.

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Transformed Cyber Environment
  • Assist clients to reduce cyber security risks by creating simplicity of cyber law and easing of clients’ compliance requirements to achieve a sustainable cyber secure environment

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Creating a Cyber Security Culture and Cyber Aware Environment through Contract Management

  • Cyber security Governance and Strategy compliance
  • Data protection regulatory compliance
  • Innovation and Solutions Development
  • Policy Development and Management
  • Provision Thought Leadership on Cyber Law Developments
ICT Procurement & Contract Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Value for money
Education & Training
  • Effective Contract Management
  • Public Sector ICT Procurement
  • Cyber Security Education, Awareness and Training
  • Cyber Governance and Legal Compliance
  • Basic Aspects of Cyber Law

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What Are Your Concerns?
  • Do you wish to implement advanced technologies such as cloud; but concerned about how to meet cyber security compliance requirements?.

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About Orizur
  • Orizur is a Level 1 BBB-EE, female owned Cyber (ICT) Law Consultancy.
  • Our area of specialization is in cyber security governance and ICT contract management.

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Why Should You Do Business With Us?

We are:

  • Recognized as Thought Leaders in Cybersecurity, Africa
  • Distinguished for our multidisciplinary competencies

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