Innovatively Changing the Legal Landscape 

Reducing anxiety from cyber threats and increasing cost effectiveness

About Us

Orizur is a Level 1 B-BBEE, female owned cyber law Consultancy that was established in 2017. Orizur specialises in cyber security and ICT contract management. 

Orizur Consulting Enterprise is an online multi-disciplinary Consultancy that provides cyber law services with specialisation in cyber security and ICT contract management. 

At Orizur, we creatively assist clients to achieve a compliant cyber-secure environment; whilst reducing financial risks through our Seven-Phase Contract Management Framework and the Quad Governance Lifecycle Technique. 

Thus, easing clients' cyber compliance requirements by creating the simplicity of cyber law; which in turn helps them to establish an efficient, cost-effective, and transformed cyber compliant environment.

In essence, we assist clients to create a regulatory compliant and maintain a sustainable cyber secure environment. 

At Orizur, we pride ourselves with the spirit of excellence, thought leadership, diligence, transparency, accountability, and integrity.